"My Sales Are Up Almost 200% In The Last 30 Days" 

Use These 28  Amazon Ad Campaign Templates
(With step by step video instructions!)
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"My Sales Are Up Almost 200% In The Last 30 Days" 

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Get Your Product Back on the Path of Profitability
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✔️ The Playbook Series is a simple instructional guide on how to set up 28 unique Amazon campaigns.  

✔️ This PDF download includes all ad types - Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display!
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✔️ Every type of campaign you'll need is clearly outlined with step by step instructions and a video explanation.

✔️ Includes detailed video explanations!
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✔️ Learn how to use the "Customer Journey" to match shoppers intent (creating way more efficient ads).

✔️ Learn how to advertise with a MEGA brand mindset even if you're on a budget!

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"My Sales Are Up Almost 200% In The Last 30 Days" 

with watching their training videos, my sales are up almost 200% in the last 30 days with 80% organic and 20% PPC or less getting my product back to the path of profitability. They have slowly and steadily increased over the last 3 months with their help. THANK YOU PPC Entourage team!"
-Kip, Amazon Seller
" Just like everything the Entourage team comes out with, the Playbook Series blew me away. The Playbook Series goes step-by-step from setting up Launch Campaigns all the way in to the intricacies within Sponsored Brand and Display Marketing. Throughout, the series reminds you which phase of the customer buying cycle your marketing is applicable ensuring you are aware of the bigger picture during the process. This helped me step out from inside my campaigns.
After going through the Blueprint Series awhile back, I knew I needed a refresher before setting up a new line of campaigns. The Playbook series delivered heavy-hitting information that helped my team set up new product campaigns as my business scales. The Coolest part of the Playbook Series is that it has corresponding videos imbedded into the PDF at every turn. Read a section then click on a video to summarize all in one spot. I haven't seen another PPC guide built so comprehensive.
PPC Entourage and the Entourage suite of services have really allowed me to focus my campaign knowledge and creation process. As I wear many different hats in my business, being able to trust PPC education from my PPC service is too good to be true."

-Mike Wishko, Amazon Seller